quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2018

Quem são os embaixadores de uma marca?

Os empregados são construtores do valor de uma marca.

Saiba mais, vendo este vídeo. 

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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2018

Empathy: The Surprisingly Crucial Business Skill (by Daniel Goleman).

Empathy means having the ability to sense others’ feelings and how they see things. You take an active interest in their concerns. You pick up cues to what's being felt and thought. With empathy, you sense unspoken emotions. You listen attentively to understand the other person's point of view, the terms in which they think about what's going on.
Empathic leaders get along well with people from very different backgrounds and cultures, and can express their ideas in ways the other person will understand. Empathy doesn’t mean psyching out the other person so you can manipulate them, but rather knowing how best to collaborate with them.
Consider this situation: At a tech company, there was a consulting division that had a brilliant systems analyst. He could solve problems that stumped everyone else. But, as someone there said, “We can never put him in front of clients.” The reason: He never made small talk. He never made human contact or connected with the client. He never even asked them what they thought the problem was. Instead, he'd just launch right into what he saw as a solution—and it turned off the clients.           
What that systems analyst lacked was the Empathy Competency.
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sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2017

Some ideas to your employees feel better at the workplace.

Some ideas can boost your employee engagement and make the new (and old too) rookies feel part of the team. Always remember that information is not communication! But a good and simple idea can break walls and make people feel like they are together onboard rowing to the same direction, objectives and goals.

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

"Our secret weapon...PEOPLE!"

No matter the business, no matter the economy, no matter the product or service. When you want your company to reach all the targets and conquer the market you need to use the very obvious "secrety weapon": PEOPLE.
That´s why employee communications is the right tool to make things happen.

quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

How Social Recognition Breeds Talent Retention and Employee Engagement?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number one reason people leave their jobs is lack of appreciation.

  • 54% of organizations involuntarily lost high-performing employees during the first half of 2010.

  • 88% of employees surveyed cite lack of acknowledgment as their top work issue.

These figures speak to the challenge of talent retention and employee engagement, illustrating that a troubling percentage of employees who feel undervalued move on to what they hope will be "greener pastures".

So it´s time to the internal communications team to work with HR area and build up a recognition program to make recognition as a cultural asset, infusing the social intranet with stories of success and achievement.

Read more at: TemboSocial and HumanResourcesiQ.com

quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

In search of a job? Choose the country!

Jooble is a search engine specialized in job search. It works as Google, Yahoo or Bing in a very fast and easy way. So above is the logo of the running rabbit positioning the company attributes. Who knows when we will need it?